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Terms and Conditions




1. - Damage to Vehicle

Renter shall pay LO-COST AUTO RENTAL (The Company) for all damages and any related incidental charges such as towing and its loss due to its loss of use of the vehicle in the event the vehicle is damaged or stolen. If the renter has agreed to pay the collision damage waiver fee and has complied with all the terms of this agreement, the liability for collision damage shall not exceed the amount stated for each occurrence, depending upon the option selected by initialing one of the boxes on the other side of this agreement. Any breach of this contract shall void the protection provided and the renter and drivers shall be fully responsible for loss or damage. The renter, drivers and credit card holder shall be jointly and severally responsible for any charges including damage. Repairs of any kind are not to be undertaken without the prior written consent of the Company unless covered by the vehicles manufacture’s warranty. A vehicle inspection report shall by reference be a part of this agreement; the renter is liable for any damage until such time the Company inspects and accepts the vehicle upon return at the renting location during its business hours. In the event a vehicle is exchanged during the term of the rental the same terms will apply to any vehicle owned by the Company while it was, or is in the possession of the renter. 



2. – Insurance

The Company has obtained mandatory insurance required by law; authorized drivers agree to comply and are bound by all terms, conditions, limitations and restrictions of this insurance policy which are made a part of this agreement. Collision damage waiver (C.D.W.) is not insurance but is an agreement by the Company to waive or reduce the terms of this agreement. The renter and drivers own insurance shall be the primary coverage applicable in the case of any loss, injury or claims and herby grants appoints the Company limited Power of Attorney to present insurance claims to the insurance carrier and to endorse the insureds name on any insurance payments. 



3. – Prohibited Use

The vehicle shall not be used:

(a) By anyone not specifically named in the agreement;

(b) By anyone whose driving ability is impaired by alcohol or drugs;

(c) Outside of the City of Vancouver and surrounding suburbs without the Company’s written consent;

(d) In any speed test, contest, driving test, or in a dangerous, imprudent or reckless manner

(e) In violation of any law;

(f) For transporting persons for hire;

(g) To tow or push any trailer or other vehicle;

(h) On any unpaved road or off-road surface;

(i) To teach driving;

(j) By anyone who has given a false name, age, address, or misrepresented any information;

(k) By anyone who does not have the required class or a valid drivers license notwithstanding if such person is named. 



4. – Reporting of Accidents and Theft

Renter shall report any accident of theft involving the vehicle to the police and shall complete a written report at LO-COST AUTO RENTAL office as soon as possible, and, in any event, within 24 hours. 



5. – Payment

Renter shall pay the Company all charges incurred in connection with the rental. The credit card holder gives the Company permission to process unsigned credit card vouchers for payment of all charges as required from time to time. If billing was directed to a third party and subsequently refused, the credit card provided shall be used for payment. All charges are subject to final audit. 



6. – Tickets and Fines

Renter shall pay all fines and other costs associated with traffic and parking violations, including those obtained by photo radar, issued during the rental period. The customer agrees that failure to pay the cost of these violations directly will result in an additional $25.00 service charge per violation as well as the fines. 



7. – Vehicle Return and Repossession

The renter agrees that he will return said vehicle to LO-COST AUTO RENTAL in the same condition as received, on the return date and time stated or sooner to the originating place of rental unless otherwise specified. The Company may terminate this agreement and repossess the vehicle at any time or place. 



8. – Personal Property

The Company is not responsible for loss or damage of any property left in, upon or carried in the vehicle. 



9. – Unattended Vehicle

The renter or driver must lock the said vehicle and remove the key therefrom at all times when said vehicle is not being operated. If the vehicle is missing or stolen and Renter does not have the keys to return to LO-COST AUTO RENTAL, renter is totally responsible for loss of the vehicle. 



10. – Traveling Off Paved Highways.

Renter is responsible for all damage to the vehicle, including all tire repairs while traveling off paved highways, even though similar damage may have been caused while traveling on paved highways. 



11. – Damage to Tires, Glass or Undercarriage of the Vehicle

Renter is responsible for the retail value of all glass, tires, tools and accessories list, stolen or damaged. Damage to the undercarriage of the vehicle is the Renter’s responsibility. 



12. - Charges

- All charges based on a 24 hour period unless specified and are not promotional.

- Vehicle to be returned full with appropriate fuel otherwise a service charge in addition to fuel will be charged.

- If the odometer has been disconnected or tampered with, an additional $100.00 for each hour shall be charged.

- Cigarette burns are customer’s responsibility.

- There will be no refund issued in the case of an early return, and the full amount will be charged.

- If the vehicle is returned without a full tank of gas, there will be a charge of $3.50 per litre.



13. - Driver's License and Rental Qualifications

LO-COST AUTO and TRUCKS RENTAL, requires that each renter and additional driver present a valid driver's license which is valid for the entire rental period. For non-Canadian citizen, the renter must have a passport, international driver's license or driver's license from hi/her own country. We accept all major credit cards. 



14. - Age Requirements

LO-COST AUTO and TRUCKS RENTAL, requires that renters be above the age of 21. 



15. - Additional Authorized Drivers

An additional authorized driver must have a valid driver's license and must meet other rental requirements. There is a charge for additional driver.